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The Norwegian Association of Natural Medicine (NNH) was established as an independent organization on 12th November 1994, as a result of a reorganization of the Central Council of Norwegian Natural Therapists (Sentralrådet for Norske Naturterapeuter, abbreviated SFNN). Prior to this date there had been great unrest in the profession, due to the proposal of the new Bill of Health Personnel, NOU 1933:33. This bill proposed the equivalent of a prohibition for practising alternative medicine, and many realized the consequences and the need for gathering forces. Also from the perspective of the state administration there ensued clear requests towards the profession of gathering forces and defining objectives, since the Ministry and the Parliament wished to address fewer actors in the field. A silver collection was started in aid of SFNN, which enabled the engagement of professional counsellors who, among other things, formulated an Actionplan/ Strategy of Communication.

Late autumn 1994 the Norwegian Association of Natural Medicine was established by a merger of Collegium Medicum Norge, Norsk Biopatforbund, Norsk Heilpraktikerforening, Norsk Zoneterapeut Forening and the Norwegian branch of the Scandinavian Acupuncture Foundation. These associations were akin in their aims, objectives and obligations. Later several other groups have merged into NNH, namely Norsk Aromaterapeut Forening, Aromaterapiens Hovedorganisasjon i Norge, Norsk Refleksologisk Forbund, Interesseforeningen for Polaritetsterapi. Regarding organizational work in the field of alternative medicine, NNH represents continuity since the early 1980’s.

In a small and economically weak business, as alternative medicine is to date, the idea of gathering forces is a main objective of NNH. This enables different therapists, who are offering more than one therapeutic modality in a single practice, not having to pay membership fees in several separate associations. Only a handful of therapists offer one therapeutic modality, solely. NNH has drawn the conclusion from this fact of the field and chosen an organizational structure that takes care of the distinctive characteristics represented by the different Therapeutic Committees. At the same time we have created a common educational identity through the inclusion of general knowledge subjects, which are obligatory irrespective of which natural medicine modality the individual chooses as their therapeutics. This creates an organization which is effective, less bureaucratic and, manifold and diversified as to the therapeutics being practised.

Today NNH encompasses requirements and regulations of approval for a great many therapeutic modalities, and new groups are steadily in contact with us regarding therapeutic approval by NNH.

Practising CAM in Norway
If you have questions, please start by reading this informastion from NAFKAM: Practising CAM in Norway
To be registered in the the voluntary register of complementary practitioners mentioned in the article, you have to be member of NNH or another approved organization.

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